Larry & Faye
Larry & Faye Brusso


Rooted in Michigan’s rich history of manufacturing, Brusso Hardware originated in a machine shop owned by Faye & Larry Brusso.

As a woodworker, Larry greatly appreciated the skilled level of craftsmanship that went into making fine furnishings. Larry believed that with the amount of time and effort being invested, his projects deserved only high quality hardware to compliment the work. When he wasn’t able to find hardware that met his expectations he turned to his machine shop and started developing the Brusso product line. Larry soon discovered that he was not alone. Brusso hardware quickly grew a devoted following and became highly acclaimed across the woodworking, architecture, and design industries.

Richard Bing

In 2003 Faye & Larry retired and sold the company, and production of the entire Brusso line was relocated to B&M Machine Co. in Belleville, New Jersey. Continuously owned and operated by the Bing family, B&M has built a reputation for supplying the aerospace, industrial, and fine hardware markets with high quality standards, timely order fulfillment, and professional customer service.

American Made

Since relocation to New Jersey, Brusso has refined its processes and expanded its offerings. This includes varied sizes, additional installation templates, and a line of stainless steel hardware. What hasn't changed is Brusso's commitment to high quality American made hardware.  Brusso Hardware continues to be made here in the United States using premium materials and with the same attention to detail set by Larry & Faye.

We feel that making Brusso Hardware in the US is not just the right thing to do but makes good business sense.  By keeping production domestic we know that our hardware is being made by qualified machinists on some of the best equipment in the world.  Our roots in American manufacturing are what allows us to deliver consistent quality.

In addition, Brusso is a company dedicated to continuous improvement made better by putting the customer first.  Being in the US we can shorten the distance between the manufacturer and the end user ensuring our products are always ready to fulfill the needs of our customers.

While we are proud to be an American company we are also a member of the global marketplace. Many of our supplies are imported and many of our employees have immigrated to the US from overseas. Likewise, the good reputation we've built extends well beyond our shores and we are proud to sell our products to customers all over the world.

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Our mission is to support woodworkers by being the premier retailer of hardware for fine boxes, cabinetry, furniture, and woodworking.  If you have any feedback on our hardware please let us know on our contact page.  If you want to learn more about our hardware, including videos and installation instructions, visit our resources page.