JB-102 Stop Hinge

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The JB-102 square knuckled full mortise butt hinge is engineered with a built-in stop that allows a lid to remain open at 95°. It is milled from heavy brass stock and can be used when an additional stay is not desired. The leaf measures 1-1/4" in length. Routing template TJ-102 and installation instructions are available.

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$ 29.99 per PKG

30 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by LGreening on Sep 12th 2021

    Simply superb. Period.

  • 5
    Absolute top notch peice of hardware. I wouldnt use anything else.

    Posted by Dave Swallow on Aug 7th 2021

    Screws break on hardwood but I feel like any small brass screw will do that

  • 5
    JB-102 Stop Hinge

    Posted by Eric McRory on Jul 12th 2021

    This is my go-to hinge for almost all of my decorative boxes such as humidors or jewelry boxes. It's the perfect size for this type of box and the quality is outstanding. I've never found another hinge to match the build quality of this one.

  • 5
    Stop hinge

    Posted by Bob Little on Jun 29th 2021

    Great product for small boxes. Lid stays open as it should without the use of a chain or lid support.

  • 5
    JB-102 stop hinge

    Posted by Rick on Apr 19th 2021

    Great product. Worth the money due to its quality and functionality.

  • 5
    brass hinge

    Posted by scott on Mar 6th 2021

    sturdy, work as described

  • 5
    JB-102 Stop Hinge

    Posted by Wallywoodcutter on Jan 5th 2021

    Quality unsurpassed in all respects.

  • 5

    Posted by frederick crozier on Dec 30th 2020

    This is an excellent product. I have found no other hinges that compare to this level of quality.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on Oct 17th 2020

    The hinges speak for themselves. I had to interact with the company over order changes. Customer service like it meant something. Helped beyond any expectations. Thanks again!